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My grandfather owned the hardware store in Osseo MN. These old stoves were sold at the store in 1890s. This one was used in his house to heat it. After he died my dad noticed the rusty stove parts in boxes in the basement. He saved it, and restored it in 1979. It then went back into boxes until about three weeks ago and I pulled it out and put it together.

It was stored in a garage for a while where it got damp and parts rusted. I will need to sand the rust off and have it nickle plated.

 Base Burner Stoves Facets & Features (plagiarized from old sales literature)

The wide and ever growing reputation of Base Burners for durability and great fuel economy is based entirely upon their high quality, only the highest grade of materials being used in their manufacture.

Skilled mechanics mount and fit all goods. All joints and doors fit absolutely tight and fire is at all times under the perfect control of the damper system.

Every Base Burner has special features for fuel economv and conveniences to be had in no other line. A careful study of these features will help you increase your trade and enable you to prove to your customers that will give the greatest satisfaction and last the longest.

EVERY INCH WORKS. The Base Burners stoves are designed to radiate heat from every square inch of surface.

Everyone knows that the hottest part of a range or a cook stove is the oven bottom, and the same is true with the ash pit bottom of a Base Burner.

Air is taken from the floor underneath the Heater and passed up between the upper Flue Bottom and Ash Pit Bottom into this Triple Flue, where it is heated to a very high degree, and is discharged through openings on the ash pot holes underneath the foot rails. By the use of the Triple Flue, over 660 square inches of extra radiating surface is put to work and will give off enough heat to warm a medium sized room.


ALL THE FUEL UTILIZED. The Base Burners Fire Pot represents a great feature of Base Burner construction. It is  a well-known fact that the accumulation of ashes around the outside edges of the fire pot is a great check to the heat which should be radiated into the room.

By shaking this Lower Hot Blast Fire Pot the ashes are all cut away from the edges of the upper and lower Fire Pot, giving a clean, snappy fire which sends the heat into the room in place of up the chimneys.

With this pot you not only get draft to your fire at the bottom, but at the center as well, giving absolutely complete combustion.

FIRE POTS can be removed through upper mica door without unloosening a single plate or bolt and can be revolved to insure against any possibility of their warping in the back next to the flues.

Grate complete comes out through ash pit door, without removing a single plate or bolt. The most improved style of a Duplex Grate with Annular Shaking Ring is used. By shaking the Angular Ring all the unburnable particles are forced into the basket formed by the Duplex Grate. A few turns to the right and left of the Duplex drops all the refuse into the ash pan.

WITH OTHER FLUE SYSTEMS the course followed by the heat is radically different. heat travels from both sides of the fire pot through a central flue into the back of the stove, a very ineffective plan when compared with the Peninsular way, because of the small flues necessitated, which results in coming in contact with less exposed radiating surfaces.

No FLUE STRIPS are used and instead of the heat being forced around any sharp turns, it asses easily and freely in an undivided sheet in one direction only, around the concave bottom, thus having a greater draft and better circulation.

THE ASH POT DOOR and register are machine ground, absolutely tight, so that fire can be controlled to a degree.

THE MAGAZINE is extra large and gas tight. Chestnut or stove coal can be burned.

ASH POT SECTION is extra large with plenty of air circulation to insure the lasting qualities of the grates.

SWING COVER and magazine cover fit perfectly tight, no possibility of leakage at that point.

MICA DOORS and joints are fitted with the greatest care because tight joints are necessary to insure perfect results and to minimize the, consumption of fuel.

SILVERYWHITE NICKEL placed on the stove adds not only to its appearance, but also to the radiation. It is well ventilated and will last indefinitely. Handsome ornamental urn.

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  1. My brother in law had one in his last house. And his kids claneed them for close to ten years. The oldest is 17, the twins are 13..Just take out the ashes and usea soft brush to remove any carbon.If it has a long chimney use a special chimney sweeping log to clean out the creosote and flue pipes.References : Can’t be that hard to clean.

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