Yamaha XJ750 Seca Airbox

In frustration I made a decision to take out the airbox with the sawzall and replace it with those cool looking airpods. It is a real PITA to pull the carbs in and out with the airbox in there. The airpods would make is so much easier to pull the carbs for adjustments to the floats and cleaning.

Trouble is I don’t know how exactly to jet the carbs for the new airpods. The carbs were not working with the shared atmosphere airbox. I think I should first get the bike running good with the airbox.

I bought a used airbox from ebay. Now to put it back in. Well you can’t do that without pulling the engine out. I don’t have time for that.

Here how I modified the airbox to get it back in the bike.

There isn’t much room


too big to fit
It is NOT going to fit


The airbox uncut


Sliced .
I cut the air-cleaner box off of the carb-boot part. I then added the aluminum flange and weather stripping to the carb-boot part.
test fitting after slice
Sliced and Test fitting. Test both the carb-boot part and the aircleaner part. You will need to know how to get these back into the bike.
I then drilled and tapped the aluminum flange so the two parts could be screwed together after they are in the bike.
side view
Side view of finished slice


Back in the bike.


Now we can put the rubber boots and carbs back in.