BMW F650 Transmission

BMW F650 with engine out

With the engine removed

It is a 1999 BMW F650. The transmission was slipping out of 2nd gear. This is the process of replacing the gears.

Step 1. Remove the engine. Use the instructions from

This is the document I wrote about Splitting the engine case_(pdf) Download this document for detailed descriptions of my process for splitting the cases

BMW F650 with engine out

Removing the exhaust and the airbox seemed to be the easiest way to get the carbs out.

BMW F650 with engine out

There isn’t much left after the engine is out.










Engine on the table

Here is the engine out and on the helpful wooden jig described on the website.

Engine on table. Right side view

I think it would be a real PITA without the jig.












The valve cover off

The valve cover off






Cam Shaft view

Top view of those cam shafts.






Remember to mark those valves

Remember to mark those valves






cam chain

Remember to keep the cam chain facing the same way. Use some twist ties to keep in together with the sprockets.





Ouch! That can be welded. It broke off when the bolt was loosened. It welded up fine in the end.

Ouch! It broke off when the bolt was loosened. That can be welded.








welded jug

The bolt hole welded up fine. A little time with a file and a counter bore, it is good as new.







Top of piston

The top of the Piston and Jug


Buy a new head gasket.



Case is split

Read my document before you do this.


Spend some good time learning how it works before tearing it all apart. It will help when it comes time to put it all back together.

Case split

My opinion is this is the wrong side to open up. You want to keep all that shifter stuff in place in the right side of the case.

snap rings

removing the snap rings


This is both new and old gears. Can you tell the difference? Very little to make me think this is the cause of the slipping but the new gears fit much more sound. It might just work.

Tools for Transmission.

The type of tools you need to take off those gears.


Snap rings are not easy

without the shifter

The gears without the shifter in place


A work of art


The case won’t go back together without the counter balancer being in alignment.


All together and ready for the other half.

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